Patricia Kramer – Luxury Costume Jewellery


Forever hippie baby!

We are thrilled to support your cosy autumn! Days getting darker and now its time for some sparkling jewelry. No matter if youre invited to a fancy dinner or a after work drink with your new date, you can set your glow with our GlamRockFashionBaby collection. Combine your fav cardigan with our out of the box necklaces or style your favourite dress with the very sexy "All about glow" earrings.

Dont be shy gorgeous, show your glow!


Get Inspired

Don't take life too seriously, Darling.

Life is too short to be boring! 

Have a peek in the Lookbook for some ideas on how to combine my pieces with your fave dresses.

See how you can boost your funky boyfriend jeans into outer space with some sparklies!

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Come on in

Betty Boo!!! This is your last chance to shop one of our strictly limited runway pieces from our sparkling GlamRockFashionBaby collection! Get your must-have essentials for your sexy autumn nights or your boyfriend-whatever-Tinder date.

Our stunning chokers, bracelets, earrings and very sexy red carpet necklaces will up your glam, honey bee!